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Vinyl floors are often used in areas with high-traffic. Providing high tolerance to stress and scratches, vinyl tiles are proven durable and one of the cheapest types of flooring. If the sealant covering the vinyl tiles is damaged or worn out, it is imperative to re-seal the tile. Stripping vinyl floors requires making the tile soft in order to remove the damaged layers, Peppermint Clean uses eco-friendly solutions that do not harm the environment or people. We also remove wax and other coatings on top of vinyl tiles. Prior to re-sealing the vinyl tiles, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly. We use solutions to effectively clean the surface and apply top quality sealer that is more durable. Multiple layers of sealers are applied to achieve a glossy finish.

Slate and Natural stone stripping is a specialised field and as with vinyl tiles, over time coating can deteriorate. If the slate has not been correctly maintained or has been regularly recoated every year without stripping back to the natural stone, it can make the stone look dull, become brittle or look yellow.


Peppermint Clean have a range of chemical stripping processes that can be used, ensuring a professional result. Our machinery is designed to chemical strip the old sealer and remove all traces of the old sealer before the process of re-sealing.


Sealing reduces the speed that your surface will absorb liquid, guards against staining and allows easier maintenance/cleaning of the surface. There are two types of sealing, sealers that penetrate the porous stone and leave a natural look or a topical sealer that gives a wet look finish. Peppermint Clean can leave the surface with a Natural, Satin, Enhanced or Wet Look, this is a personal decision; you can rest assured that your slate or natural stone tiles are getting the best possible protection.


Sometimes the slate might only require an intensive cleaning, this should only be undertaken on a coated or sealed surface. This three part process will clean the original sealer/coating on the slate or natural stone to remove any dirt from the floor and then re-apply two further coats/sealer to the floor. A sample test will be required to ascertain if this method is suitable.


High pressure cleaning requires highly pressurised cleaning machines. We use only the latest equipment that are far superior and more effective than the ordinary garden hose, or electric pressure cleaners, as commonly used by many households.

In order to eliminate stains completely, you need to employ the right cleaning techniques. We take care of the hard cleaning for you and we deliver the best cleaning result guaranteed!
We get to work transforming dirty and stained surfaces into pristine, spotless surfaces in the most effective way.
Because we care for the environment, we minimise chemical use wherever possible. Our water-only pressure cleaning technology functions well above industry standards. Which means, we can clean things with water alone that would ordinarily need several chemical compounds.


Graffiti is unsightly and detrimental to the look of your business. We can remove graffiti from any surface without a trace of shadowing. We have a through understanding of the numerous techniques involved to achieve a brilliant result.
We offer graffiti removal from all types of surfaces:
– Concrete
– Wood
– Brick
– Metal
– Natural stonework
– Painted surfaces

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