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We guarantee that we will leave your commercial office space looking spotless and peppermint clean. Our professional and highly experienced cleaners will thoroughly scrub your office from top to bottom whilst always using the latest technologies and techniques to give you a result you that will keep you, your employees and customers happy and healthy and productive.

Hospital and Medical cleaning requires adherence to strict protocols and cleaning standards. Our employees understand that they may be working whilst patients or medical staff are present and the need for patient privacy and sensitivity. Our team at Peppermint Clean are always professional, reliable and discreet.

Peppermint Clean provides the most efficient and effective solutions for industrial cleaning requirements. The services for industrial clean up provided by the team are delivered using the state of the art technology and the finest expertise available in the industry. The team is experienced and leaves no stone unturned to provide satisfying results. Every aspect of industrial cleaning needs is effectually looked into.

Peppermint clean offer professional cleaning to the restaurant industry. Whether you’re a large restaurant or a small local café, you’re in capable hands. We realise that health and hygiene are the starting point of any great food venue, and therefore take great pride in the deep cleaning your venue and kitchen from top to bottom.

Using only the latest technological advances in techniques and equipment, Peppermint Clean outshines all others when it comes to Carpet cleaning. All employees are qualified and certified in IICRC practices and boast superior services and results.

Our commercial and office window cleaning service will have every window in your building sparkling.

We also ensure every windowsill and window frame is equally clean – including removing cobwebs and dust from window corners.

Vinyl floors are often used in areas with high-traffic. Providing high tolerance to stress and scratches, vinyl tiles are proven durable and one of the cheapest types of flooring. If the sealant covering the vinyl tiles is damaged or worn out, it is imperative to re-seal the tile. Stripping vinyl floors requires making the tile soft in order to remove the damaged layers, Peppermint Clean uses eco-friendly solutions that do not harm the environment or people.

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