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Peppermint Clean
Experience a Fresh Approach

The essence of Peppermint Clean is to refresh your space naturally. You want your staff and visitors to feel healthy in their work environment, so our priority is to use products and cleaning methods that are not harmful to the occupants of the facilities we clean. When building occupants spend time in clean environments they are less susceptible to illness, which saves on lost work time. They are also more productive, which increases profits for the business owner. In addition, the cleaning solutions we use are manufactured without the use of non-renewable resources, specifically petroleum bi-products. So you can be confident we are using sustainable business practices to clean your facility.

We are specialists in the Medical Industry

Modern Working Environment

Effective solutions for industrial cleaning requirements

Clean those areas that may only need

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Why Choose Us

We use the Highest Quality Products and the Latest Equipment

First Class Equipment and Superior Products

It’s enhanced by well-maintained equipment that makes a quality result easier rather than harder. And it’s maintained by using supplies that live up to the promise that is peppermint clean. Many of our cleaning solutions are unique to us and produced to confidential formulae. Formulae that blends and leverages the unique natural essence of peppermint wherever possible.

Occupational Health safety

Peppermint Clean recognizes that safety is a top priority in every facility where employees work and the public visits. In order to keep your employees and visitors safe, all cleaning personnel receive ongoing safety training. By providing a culture of safety throughout our company, it reduces the number of safety concerns and accidents in your facility.

Environmentally aware

​​​​The essence of Peppermint Clean is to refresh your space naturally. We use all-natural cleaning solutions wherever practical. And where it isn’t, we set to work on developing our own natural solution. You’ll feel better and so will your staff. Our products do not contain any soap so there is no build up over time. Our Enzymes are plant based – they wont upset the natural bacteria. Enzymes accelerate the destruction of organic material. pH Neutral wont damage surfaces. Powerful and Eco-Positive. 100% Biodegradable. No Chemical Agents.No phosphates.

Great Presentation

Peppermint Clean Staff work in clean, distinctive uniforms that make it easy to recognize them onsite. Because they represent you and us both, staff are trained to take pride in their appearance on the job. Staff will always present themselves for work on your premises looking sharp and in freshly laundered uniforms.

Systematic, Consistent Cleaning

How much time does it cost you to call your cleaning company to fix work that wasn't done properly the first time? When you work with Peppermint Clean, you'll receive consistent service at a price that doesn't break the budget. Consistent cleaning requires systematic processes so we ensure your satisfaction with process-focused employee training.

Complete Security

Our checks include: Australian Federal police clearance and our comprehensive recruitment process fully vets all of our cleaning staff prior to employment.

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Why we are different to the others:

  • 20+ years in the industry
  • Trustworthy cleaning staff
  • Tailored Systems to suit you
  • Systematic, consistent cleaning
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Environmentally safe cleaning products and methods
  • Employee background and reference checks
  • Inspecting and Quality Control
  • Training and Certifications
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


What They Said About Us

I would recommend Peppermint Clean’s services to anyone for a cleaning team that can help with any of the regular cleaning required or with any other bigger projects too. They are competent and careful and diligent in their work and a trust-worthy and reliable company. Lister’s kind attention to detail is always greatly appreciated

Eleanor Young

Senior Operations Administrator

Lister and his team from Peppermint Clean have been our cleaning contractors for over 12 years. His team works efficiently and diligently with great attention to detail. Lister is great to work with, finding solutions to any cleaning problems we have and ensures he meets our deadlines. I would recommend Peppermint Clean’s services. They are trust-worthy, reliable and their great attention to detail is appreciated.

B. Henry, HR Manager


Compared to most, our ordinary service is extraordinary, but we are still willing to tailor our service to suit your needs.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

1300 Mint Clean
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